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Andrew Germer

I am Andrew Germer

Andrew Germer is a creative analytic who finds great satisfaction in helping the "€œright brains" understand and communicate effectively with the "left brains."€  He values projects that allow him to be highly logical and genuinely artistic simultaneously.  Andrew is gregarious and constantly desires to understand the derivation of others'€™ thoughts, emotions and rationales. He is an effective communicator, mediator and imaginative problem solver. Andrew works best in high-energy, goal-oriented environments that drive him and maintain his motivation.


Andrew Germer's Background

Andrew Germer's Experience

Social Media Manager at Best Rank, Inc.

August 2012 - Present | San Diego, CA

Manages the social media department and all social media clients.

Andrew Germer's Education

Pepperdine University

2008 – 2010

Master of Business Administration

Concentration: Marketing

Activities: - Winner of Linksys by Cisco E2B Case Competition

Cal State Fullerton

2006 – 2008

Bachelor of Business Administration

Concentration: Marketing

Andrew Germer's Interests & Activities

Outside of the digital marketing world, you can often find Andrew watching Angels baseball games or DJing local venues as his alter-ego, DJ DirtyData (

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